Alikay Naturals | Avocado Cream Moisture Repairing Hair Mask!

Alikay Naturals


Alikay Naturals: Avocado Cream Moisture Repairing Hair Mask is a NEW product from Black Onyx World

I remember watching Black Onyx's YouTube videos while I was Transitioning and after my Big Chop. It's amazing to see her grow and the great things she has accomplished! 

Let's get started! 

Applied the Avocado Cream 
Close up of the Avocado Cream

This stuff smells AMAZING!!!

As quoted by Ben, "It smells delicious"  - the Avocado Cream has an Avocado, Herbal & Menthol, Fruity smell. It's thick in consistency - yet smooth and rich!

Hair in a Ponytail & Shower Cap

I applied it as a Pre-Wash treatment (as directed).

I wet my hair, made 6 sections & applied the Avocado Cream. I focused on my ends & scalp - equally distributing the product to each section. I put my hair in a loose ponytail, covered my hair w/ a shower cap & left it in for 45 minutes without heat.

After 45 minutes - I rinsed my hair and continued with my normal wash routine!

Close Up |  Freshly Washed Hair
Freshly Washed, PonyPuff & Final Results

Final results...

The Avocado Cream left my hair feeling soft, refreshed, nourished & strong! Anyone that knows me - knows I LOVE avocado's! I couldn't wait to try this product out - I'm so glad I did.

I give Alikay Naturals: Avocado Cream Moisture Repairing Hair Mask - 2 THUMBS UP!!

Info via Alikay Naturals website:

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  1. Oh I LOVE Alikay Avocado hair mask!! But how did you get a monethol scent??? I smelled nothing but juicy Starburst and Skittles! I hope she didnt change the formula. :\

    1. Yes, it's AMAZING!!!!!!! I love, love, love it!
      No, I don't think she did - I have a little bit of a cold... :/ LOL


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