Marisol's ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) Tips!

Hola Familia, 

I love using ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) for my hair, skin and body. I purchase the Bragg brand because of the health benefits and it's all natural!!!  

I use ACV diluted with water in an applicator bottle that I purchased from the BSS (Beauty Supply Store) and I apply it to my skin day and night to clear up acne and tighten enlarged pores. 

I use ACV diluted with water on my hair as a cleanser to help get rid of dry scalp, dandruff and product build up from hair products. 

I use ACV diluted with water as a detox in the morning. I take a shot of it to cleanse my body and draw out toxins. 

Just ME... No Makeup, No Product & No Filter!

I use it in other ways as well... 
To read MORE on the uses & benefits of ACV - click HERE!

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Stay Tuned... Marisol's Dr. Oz Show Debut! | Wash & Go | FlatTwist Out Results!

Hola Familia,

1. I washed my hair doing the 'Oil Rinsing' method. 

2. While in the shower, I parted my hair into 4 sections & used hair clips to hold them in place. 

3. I washed one section at a time adding Olive Oil & conditioner all while Finger Detangling my hair.

4. After that, I rinsed my hair with cool water one section at a time & squeezed any excess water leaving it damp versus dripping wet. 

5. While in the shower, I parted my hair into 2 sections & proceeded to do 2 large Flat Twists. 

6. Once I reached the end, I used bobby pins and pinned them into place. (Bonnet and hat...) 

All of this was done in the morning prior to leaving DC & it only took about 10-15 min. I arrived in NYC for the Dr. Oz Show in the afternoon. After my makeup was done, I took off my hat, bonnet, removed the pins, unraveled the 2 sections, shook it out a bit with my fingers and BOOM!!!

Hope that helps!!!

Stay tuned for my segment on the Dr. Oz Show... it airs in May! I'll keep y'all posted with the deets! Thanks for all the love and support! 

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Beyonce: RISE!

Hola Familia,

Here's my unboxing of Beyonce's NEW fragrance: RISE!

I won this autographed bottle by entering a contest on iRiseFor.com. I was 1 out of 5 winners for Week 1: #iRiseForChange! When the winners were announced, we got a shoutout from Beyonce Parfums and Misty Copeland!!!

I'm soooo excited and thankful! A special thanks to Beyonce, Beyonce Parfums, Misty Copeland and EVERYONE for all the love!

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I Woke Up Like This... FLAWLESS!

Hola Familia,

I shared this on Instagram and thought it was funny. A lot of y'all found it funny as well so I decided to put it up on here, Google+ and YouTube

As quoted on my Facebook... 
"VIDEO▶️ Enough #shenanigans! I'm done but before I go I'll say this "#iWokeUpLikeThis... #FLAWLESS." I need help y'all! That @BeyoncĂ© album is an addiction…  Peep out the kids CapriSun in the background!  Nite! Zzz… #BeyHive #Yonce #Beyonce"

Ha, ha... I'm a NUT but I love, love, love Beyonce's new album!

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RIZOS: Carlyn Yarbrough

Carlyn Yarbrough

Chef Carlyn (Kara) is recognized a one of the foremost authorities on diet, health and nutrition. Her broad range of expertise in diet and nutrition has made it possible for her to own and operate health food stores and vegetarian restaurants over the years. She is originally from Washington, DC. 

Chef Carlyn (Kara) has traveled all over the country giving cooking classes in vegetarian cooking and food combining, consumer education, in areas of Diet, Health and Nutrition.

Chef Carlyn (Kara) has been working in these areas for over 30 years and has presented cooking demonstrations from coast to coast. She has written extensively on Raw Foods and Food Combinations. 

Chef Carlyn (Kara) has made numerous appearances in different parts of the country and has appeared on a few TV Cooking Shows on 3ABN Television Network and the TV Show Tennessee Crossroads out of Nashville TN. 

Carlyn (Kara) A Chef/Instructor as well, is also available for cooking schools and seminars. She does in-house cheffing. She has a Gourmet Cooking School available.


I know Carlyn Yarbrough and I HIGHLY recommend her! 

Back To Basics: Less IS More!

Hola Familia,

Teri LaFlesh's book: Curly Like Me & website: Tightly Curly helped me immensely in the beginning of my Natural Hair Journey. I found myself lost momentarily in the Natural Hair 'Hype' BUT I've gone #BackToBasics when it comes to my hair... less IS more. 

Have you found yourself caught up in the 'hype'?! 
If so or not... What are your thoughts?!

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Hello World... Just Checking In!

Hola Familia,

We're just checking in to say hello!

Until Next Time,
Marisol & Alyssa
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