The ToothFairy Diaries... Tabea!!!

Hola Familia,

Look who has two missing teeth on top... Tabea! She beat her twin brother Noah to it. Initially, he teased her because his two bottom teeth came out first. Well, now they are even. She still gives him slack for her being the first born by 3 minutes - he can't win that one! They are so competitive with one another but it's all fun and games!

Tabea & Marisol 


Happy Mother's Day!!!

The reason why I'm 'Mom'... all 4 of my babies! 

Happy Mother's Day!!! 

‪#‎HappyMothersDay‬ to all the moms out there!
Love and light... BESOS!

Thank you for ALL that you do.
Words can't express how much you mean to me.
Te quiero mucho Mami! 

"The natural state of motherhood is unselfishness.
When you become a ‪#‎mother‬, you are no longer the center of your own universe.
You relinquish that position to your children." 


Marisol Correa on Empire | 'Time Shall Unfold'

Hola Familia,

Y'all watched Empire last night?! There is this lady with big hair who seems to show up everywhere on TV. This time she showed up at ‪#‎TerrenceHoward‬ & Taraji P. Henson's mansion as a shareholder. After that, she was dancing to Serayah's music, sitting in the front row listening to Yazz The Greatest on stage while ‪#‎KaitlinDoubleday‬‪#‎JussieSmollett‬‪#‎TraiByers‬ and others watched in support. If you see this woman whose name is Marisol Correa - please tell her to give me my look and name back! Just kidding... it's me! A special thanks to ‪#‎LeeDaniels‬ and others for the opportunity! I had fun meeting, working and having convos with everyone over the course of a few days! To the ‪#‎Empire‬!!!

To see that episode - click HERE... thanks! 

Marisol Correa


Bloomberg LP | Bloomberg Government In Washington, DC!

Copyright: Bloomberg LP | Photo Credit: Andrew Hetherington

Hola Familia,

I'm excited to share that I worked with Bloomberg LP!!!

We did a 2 day shoot which consists of Commercial, Print, Video, Website & Ads - amongst other things! It was awesome representing my hometown of Washington, District of Columbia as a lawyer and I had fun working with everyone! 



Georgia Unites Against Discrimination!

Georgia Unites Against Discrimination is a bipartisan grassroots campaign dedicated to protecting gay and transgender Georgians from discrimination and ensuring that individuals and businesses aren’t able to use their religious beliefs to harm others.

Thanks Governor Deal for the Veto of HB 757!
The rally at Liberty Plaza - Georgia Capitol was EPIC!!! 


The Originals 'Alone with Everybody' on The CW!

‪#‎StrixVampire‬ ‪#‎TheCW‬ ‪#‎MarisolCorrea‬ 

Hola Familia,

If y'all caught The Originals 'Alone with Everybody' episode which aired on April 1st, there is this crazy looking female with big hair... she appears to be a Strix Vampire. If you see her, tell her I said she looks like me. Ha, ha!

Anyways, watch ‪#‎TheOriginals‬ on The CW and you'll see me in a few episodes!!!

To catch the episode I'm in on The Originals alongside Charles Michael Davis, Yusuf Gatewood, Steven Krueger, and others on The CW - click HERE!!!


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