"What If I Fall?!" Oh But My Darling, What If You FLY?!

ART: Colette Miller
14th & U St. NW, Washington DC

There is freedom waiting for you,
On the breezes of the sky,
And you ask "What if I fall?"
Oh but my darling,
What if you fly?

-Erin Hanson




The Three Musketeers!!! 

Marisol, Alyssa, Tabea & Noah


Mama Red Lip | #MamaRedLip... TGIF!

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Hola Familia,

We're back... here are the latest submissions of #MamaRedLip!!! 

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SOURCE: Unknown

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Mama Red Lip does NOT exclude anyone... ladies, gentleman, little divas & MORE - you can share your pics too! All is love and I LOVE everyone!!!

See MORE pics on the NEW Instagram Page - Mama Red Lip!

"It's MORE than wearing a RED lip... it's about LOVING you for YOU even when others (including ourselves) think the opposite!!!" -Marisol

Submit pictures for #MamaRedLip by clicking - HERE



Chulo's 17 Years Old... Happy Birthday!!!

Hola Familia,

17 YEARS OLD!!! Chulo is an awesome young man... I can't believe he's 6'5" and drives. I had him at the age of 18... it takes a village to raise a family and I am beyond THANKFUL & BLESSED that my parents helped us along the way. He is who HE is today because of ALL of us. Chulo, all I ask of you is to NOT make me a grandma anytime soon... I'm NOT ready son!!! #PregnantAt17AndHadHimAt18AlsoMarriedToo... ha, ha! 

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2 week vacay in the Dominican Republic!

Mother & Son!

"I have a son, who is my heart. A wonderful young man, daring and loving and strong and kind." -Maya Angelou

Happy Birthday... Felíz Cumpleaños... I love you... we love you!

Until Next Time,
Chulo & Family


CURLS | Blissful CURLS Tour | Blogger Brunch Cruise | NYC! (UPDATE)


Hola Familia,

I had the AMAZING opportunity of traveling to New York for the 1st Annual CURLS Blogger Cruise which was held at the Hornblower NY. The CEO of 'CURLS' Mahisha Dellinger, Julian R. Addo of 'Bella Kinks' and Jenell B. Stewart of 'Kinky Curly Coily Me' headlined the event. :) 

IG: @frizzfreecurls

Julian R. Addo
IG:  @bellakinks
Jenell B. Stewart
IG: @blakizbeautyful
CEO Mahisha Dellinger

The BEST convo EVER!!!
IG: @frizzfreecurls@blakizbeautyful

I'll first start off by saying that I haven't attended an event in almost 2 years due to personal/business reasons - which I won't go into to further details about. I say this because THIS event was a breath of fresh air!!! The location, weather, environment, people, food, drinks, staff, CEO, host, moderator... it was all POSITIVE. I've been to MANY events (which have all gone well for the most part) but there was an ENERGY that filled the room... positive vibes with NO EGOS (mostly -_-) and PEACE. 

Julian R. Addo of 'Bella Kinks' was a great host... she was informative, shared her story and cracked jokes. Jenell B. Stewart of Kinky Curly Coily Me' was the moderator... she was thorough with her questions, gave wonderful business tips and walked around the room ensuring that EVERYONE had their questions answered when it was time to open up the floor. The CEO of 'CURLS' Mahisha Dellinger... she spoke to everyone, shared her story which was DEEP (*bows down*) and left us feeling inspired and LOVED. I personally felt that each one of these ladies left me with something MORE than what I initially came with... further KNOWLEDGE... the list goes on-and-on.

The fellas w/ Julian of @bellakinks!!!

IG: @etcblogmag
IG: @tarenguy
IG: @naptural85
IG: @ownbyfemme
Kinky Curly Coily Me

Priscilla & Jess
IG: @shinestruck & @heygorjess
IG: @wondercurl
IG: @taralindaaa
The ladies!!!
IG: @mamanaturalista@tarenguy, @_cebelamour_, @taralindaaa,
@clothesconscience, @shinestruck, @nevebnprmd,
@afroista, @heygorjess, @doc_smartin, @naturalhairdoescare

SMIZE... don't judge me! :p
IG: @mamanaturalista 

IG: @naturalhairdoescare!

CURLS goodies!

The night prior.
The Manhattan At Times Square

The view from my hotel room. 

A late night visit to the hotel from my cousins Yas & Chels!
IG: @ambitiously_blonde & @only_chels

While mommy was away... daddy & the kids were at play

I got to see people I've met before, new faces and familiar faces... I had a blast with everyone! A special thanks to Julian R. Addo & Mahisha Dellinger for the invite, Island Boi Photography (and others) for the awesome photos, my hubby and family for holding down the fort while I was gone!!! 

In addition, a HUGE thanks to Shanti & Antoinette of Around The Way Curls, Tessa of Afroista, Yolanda of EtcBlogMag, Seanna-Kaye & Shalleen-Kaye of Natural Hair Does Care, Jenell of Kinky Curly Coily Me & Taren Guy - amongst others... I was nervous as hell to be there... they welcomed me back to the scene with OPEN hearts and arms. BESOS!!! 

To see pics from the cruise via CURLS - click HERE.  

Until Next Time,
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