Happy Turkey Day!!!

The aftermath... #FoodComa.
Happy Turkey Day!!!
(Smiles, half-smiles, blank stares & too cool to smile face.) 
 I'm thankful for my beautiful children!

La Familia


Don't Join The Madness: Try Mobile Shopping | CTIA

Hola Familia,

My twin daughter Tabea & I worked on our first commercial together for CTIA – The Wireless Association. We had so much fun... it didn't feel like 'work' that day!!!

"This holiday season, why subject yourself to the rush of shopping when you can shop on your mobile device?
Mobile shopping is fueled by #MoreSpectrum." CTIA

Marisol & Tabea


Bloomberg LP | Bloomberg Government In Washington, DC!

Copyright: Bloomberg LP | Photo Credit: Andrew Hetherington

Hola Familia,

I'm excited to share that I worked with Bloomberg LP!!!

We did a 2 day shoot which consists of Commercial, Print, Video, Website & Ads - amongst other things! It was awesome representing my hometown of Washington, District of Columbia as a lawyer and I had fun working with everyone! 



Happy Veterans Day!

My U.S. ARMY Days!!!

Happy Veterans Day! 

Happy Veterans Day to all of my fellow U.S. Military Members! 
To all those who protect & serve; past, present and future... we honor you.
Thank you!!!

Mommy & Son | Happy Veterans Day!!!

In Basic Training & Chulo in momma's uniform!!!

Mommy & Son

SON: Mommy, are you a Veteran?! 

MOM: Yes, I was in the ARMY.

SON: Thank you for serving our country and protecting us!

MOM: Awww, you're such a big boy... you're welcome son!!!

SON: When I wake up tomorrow morning, I'm going to say "Happy Veterans Day" to you. 

MOM: You're such a kind soul... thank you!

SON: You're welcome. I'm going to tell every Soldier that tomorrow... that means they're in the military.

MOM: You're so smart! That'll put a smile on their faces... it put a smile on mine!!! 

This happened between Noah and I... Happy Veterans Day to ALL who serve and protect our country.

Side Note: This story is about a conversation between Noah and I... the picture above is of my oldest son son Chulo.


Love The Skin You're In... #SelfLOVE!

Photo Credit: Derrel R. Todd | The Bakery Studio | FootPrint Fotos

I never thought of myself as being 'attractive'... teased in school for being what they called 'tall & skinny' - I was bullied for a long time. I was so embarrassed about my size that I would wear double in clothing to appear 'normal'. Well, 4 kids and many years later... I'm still that 'skinny' chic but FINALLY love ME for me.

The Anti-Bully,


Happy Anniversary Madre & Padre!

#LoveHasNoColor #MisPadres #MyParents #iLoveThemSoMuch 

Happy Anniversary to these SPICY Scorpios... my parents!
I LOVE you both with all my heart and nothing will ever change that. 
¡Te quiero Mami y Papi!


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