DIY | Whipped Shea Butter... Happy Holidays!!!

Hola Familia,

I've been going 'DIY Crazy' lately and wanted to share one of my recipes!  

DIY Whipped Shea Butter
Shea Butter | 8 oz
Avocado Oil | 1 tbsp
Olive Oil | 1 tbsp
Coconut Oil | 1 tbsp
Aloe Vera Juice | 1 tbsp

I gathered the products and blended them together using a hand blender. After that was done, I stored the mix into a mason jar... I love the blue colored ones, they look 'fancy'. LOL :p 

Anyways, this mix can be adjusted according to the products that work best for you. In addition, a scented oil can be added to 'spice' things up.  All of the products that I used to make this mix are natural, raw & organic!!! I use this mix on my hair and body... actually, we all use it and LOVE IT!!! 

Hope this helps & HAPPY HOLIDAYS!



Life Is A Runway, OWN IT!

Life is a runway, OWN IT!
Mini-Marisol YEARS ago in streets of New York.
As told by my parents; these actions were the norm... 'pose and WERK'... HA!!!


Don't Get It Twisted. Well... DO!!!

Hola Familia,

Fall is here, although it feels more like Winter at times... protective styles are a PLUS and I wear them for quite a while too. :p 

I used Ouidad's: Curl Recovery | Curl Defining Styling Souffle... I love how it leaves my hair moisturized and full of LIFE!!! I left these twists in for a about a week, then changed it up by doing updo's and pinned up hairstyles. 

See my hairstyle tutorials by clicking - HERE.

Previous Ouidad Posts

Hope that helps & have a great weekend!!!



Getting Our Jamba Juice On!!!

Hola Familia,

I love, love, love me some Jamba Juice... my family does too! When I'm not making my own smoothies from scratch, I'm making these AWESOME and easy-to-make ones.

I made this discovery while shopping at Giant a few months ago and I'm so glad that I did. Those trips to Union Station for Jamba Juice are minimal now that I can make my very own Jamba Juice smoothie at home with their Smoothie Kits!!! 

We still plan on visiting the JJ store... after all, we met Black Thought from The Roots while getting our Jamba Juice on... WINNING!!!

Anyways, Jamba Juice Smoothie Kits have many options... Mango-a-go-go, Razzamatazz, Strawberries Wild, Caribbean Passion, Orange Dream Machine, Blue Fusion, Green Fusion & Red Fusion! Healthy and tasty smoothies for the entire family and all we have to do is pour the pack into our blender, add apple juice and blend... that's it! 

Hope that helps!



Mommy & Son | Happy Veterans Day!!!

In Basic Training & Chulo in momma's uniform!!!

Mommy & Son

SON: Mommy, are you a Veteran?! 

MOM: Yes, I was in the ARMY.

SON: Thank you for serving our country and protecting us!

MOM: Awww, you're such a big boy... you're welcome son!!!

SON: When I wake up tomorrow morning, I'm going to say "Happy Veterans Day" to you. 

MOM: You're such a kind soul... thank you!

SON: You're welcome. I'm going to tell every Soldier that tomorrow... that means they're in the military.

MOM: You're so smart! That'll put a smile on their faces... it put a smile on mine!!! 

This happened yesterday between Noah and I... Happy Veterans Day to ALL who serve and protect our country.

Side Note: This story is about a conversation between Noah and I... the picture above is of my oldest son son Chulo.


Simply Nature Coconut Oil | ALDI Sells It?! Yes, That's What I said!!!

So Many Uses for Coconut Oil
via ALDI Blog

If you’re a coconut oil enthusiast, then this will be music to your ears: ALDI carries organic coconut oil! If you’ve never used coconut oil before, then you’re in for a real treat! Their coconut oil is free of chemicals, colors and fragrances – plus, it has a faint scent and flavor, making it easy to enjoy if you’re not always a coconut lover.
It’s not just for cooking, either! In fact, many of its uses have nothing to do with the kitchen at all. Here are some of our favorite ways to use it:

Food Uses:
  • Baking Substitute: At room temperature, coconut oil takes on a more solid form, similar to butter. This makes it a great sub for baking. If your recipe calls for oil or melted butter, you can gently heat your coconut oil to a temperature of 76 degrees or more (easy trick: run the jar under hot water for a few seconds).
  • Coconut OilSautéing and Stir-Frying: Coconut oil has a high smoke point (meaning you can get it really hot without it burning), making it excellent for high-temp cooking like sautés and stir fries.
  • Drizzle on…Anything!: You name it, you can top it! Coconut oil’s light flavor and texture adds a little extra “something, something.”
  • Hot Coffee and Tea: Add a spoonful to your coffee or tea for a mild flavor enhancer.
  • Toast Topper: Ditch the butter and go coco.
  • Smoothie Add-In: Toss a spoonful into the blender with your favorite smoothie concoction.

Personal Care Uses:
  • Lip Balm: Moisturizes cracked and chapped lips.
  • Eye Makeup Remover: Wipe away mascara and liner with ease. Wash your face as you normally would afterward.
  • Dry and Sensitive Skin: Coconut oil is great for sensitive skin, including your little ones.
  • Diaper Rash Cream: Apply regularly to a baby’s bottom to improve skin health.
  • Night Face Cream: Move over expensive treatments; coconut oil is the new kid on the block.
  • Whiten Teeth: Use it alone or with baking soda for pearlier whites.
  • Skin Moisturizer: Provides deep moisture without an oily residue.
  • Deep Conditioner: Perfect for people with dry hair or who live in dry climates. Leave on hair for 20 minutes, and then rinse out.

I usually don't shop at ALDI but during some 'down time' - I went there with my mother. I was just strolling along the aisles when all of a sudden my eyes spotted the Simply Nature Coconut Oil... I couldn't believe it. I checked out the ingredients and then looked at the price... WINNING!!! Natural, Organic, AFFORDABLE & it works GREAT. WHAT?! It looks like I'll be buying MORE... it's cheaper than my fave at Trader Joe's. Hope that helps familia... BESOS!!!
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