TWINS... Tabea & Noah's 5TH Birthday!!!

Here's a bit of OUR story... 

Severe morning sickness, early bed rest, rear-ended in a car accident (the other drivers fault), many ER visits, 2 helicopter rides & the twins born at 35 weeks (early) via emergency c-section - amongst MANY other things.

*DEEP Breath*

We've been through it, going through it and got through it... TODAY is their 5th BIRTHday! Happy Birthday Tabea & Noah, I love you both sooooo much!!! 

STAY TUNED... there are MORE deets & pics to come.



Por Ellos Si Podemos | Hispanic Heritage Month!!!

Hispanic Heritage Month
September 15th - October 15th

Hola Familia,

We are so excited to share that Noah, Tabea and Alyssa are part of 'Por Ellos Si Podemos' for Hispanic Heritage Month!!!

Mario Molina

Quiara Alegria Hudes

Soledad O'Brien

"We announced earlier this year that our goal is to create a banner of excellence that all children can raise together... Especially the ones whose dreams, goals and self esteem remain under attack... With that said, we are excited to celebrate Hispanic Heritage month by highlighting some of the trailblazers within into the Latino community via Por Ellos Si Podemos." -Eunique Jones Gibson

As parents, we are BEYOND ecstatic that our children were able to participate in Por Ellos Si Podemos for Hispanic Heritage Month. The kids were so excited and when they saw the pictures... they were over the moon with joy! We LOVE celebrating our Hispanic Heritage and we're so happy that we can now celebrate it with ALL of you.

A SPECIAL thanks to Alisha of Natural Women United who made ALL of this possible by tagging me on Instagram when Because Of Them We Can posted their casting call... we are FOREVER grateful. Also, a HUGE thanks to Eunique Jones Gibson of Because Of Them We Can and everyone involved behind the scenes for the photo-shoot, the parents and wonderful kids (others) who participated in this campaign as well.





To see MORE of 'Por Ellos Si Podemos' - click HEREHERE & HERE.
Side Note: I used Curly Q's from CURLS on the kids hair!!! 

La Familia


Edgar Degas | Little Dancer Aged Fourteen | National Gallery Of Art

Edgar Degas, Little Dancer Aged Fourteen, 1878 – 1881,
pigmented beeswax, clay, metal armature, rope, paintbrushes, human hair,
silk and linen ribbon, cotton and silk tutu, linen slippers, on wooden base.
National Gallery of Art, Washington, Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mellon 

Degas's ICONIC 'Little Dancer Aged Fourteen' is executed in wax, clay and other materials, and dressed in a ballerina's bodice fitted to the sculpture, a multi-layered tutu, with linen ballet slippers and real human hair. The sculpture caused a sensation when it was exhibited in 1881. It is the only sculpture Degas ever showed publicly.

Edgar Degas, The Dance Class (Ecole de Danse), c. 1873, oil on canvas.
Trustees of the Corcoran Collection (William A. Clark Collection)

You can see 'Degas's Little Dancer' from October 5, 2014 through January 11, 2015 at the National Gallery Of Art in Washington, DC.

Edgar Degas, Study in the Nude of Little Dancer Aged Fourteen (Nude Little Dancer), c. 1878 – 1881,
pigmented bees- wax, plaster core, metal and wood armatures, on plaster and wooden bases.
National Gallery of Art, Washington, Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mellon 

In addition, the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in DC will hold a world-premiere musical of Little Dancer, which runs from October 25, 2014 through November 30, 2014.

Edgar Degas, Dancer Seen from Behind and Three Studies of Feet, c. 1878,
chalk and pastel on blue-gray paper. National Gallery of Art, Washington,
Gift of Myron A. Hofer in memory of his mother, Mrs. Charles Hofer 

For more info go to NGA.gov


Mama Red Lip | #MamaRedLip... TGIF!

IG: @knicolefitness

Hola Familia,

It's FRIDAY!!! Hope you all have a FABULOUS weekend... here are the latest submissions of @MamaRedLip

IG: @aphenomenalwoman_
IG: @1vickistarr
IG: @creationsbykiera
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IG: @jessicawildemfc
IG: @itsmekellieb
IG: @chloemikaella
Repost | IG: @amazingbotanicals 

IG: @fullyrawkristina
IG: @lala_loveandlight
IG: @nic_bklyn_ca
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IG: @ninagabriellass
IG: @lipstickloveher
IG: @shensosweet
IG: @lipstickloveher
IG: @demetria_lynia
IG: @naturally_sweaty

Mama Red Lip does NOT exclude anyone... ladies, gentleman, little divas & MORE - you can share your pics too! All is love and I LOVE everyone!!!

See MORE pics on the NEW Instagram Page - Mama Red Lip!

"It's MORE than wearing a RED lip... it's about LOVING you for YOU even when others (including ourselves) think the opposite!!!" -Marisol

Submit pictures for #MamaRedLip by clicking - HERE



In Review: Brazen Cosmetics!!!

Hola Familia,

Brazen Cosmetics sent me some goodies and I want to share them with all of you!!!

Subway Selfies w/ Alyssa!

I love this lip gloss. 

'Grown-Ass Woman' lipgloss.

Charged lipgloss.

Stripped eyeshadow. 

Aphrodite lipstick.



OOTD: Thrifted & gifted from my mama. :)

These products work well with all hues and their organic... WINNING! I'm trying to step outside of the 'RED lipstick' box I accidentally created and want to experiment with MORE colors. Thanks for the WONDERFUL makeup Sandria, you ROCK!!!

Until Next Time,


VW Design + Communications: Your Business Never Looked So Good!

Meet Vanessa Williams--  no, not the actress. Vanessa R. Williams is a young professional making a name for herself in the media communications industry.

Vanessa graduated with honors from Virginia Tech with an English degree. Although writing and the English language have had a special place in her heart since she was a little girl, Vanessa didn't realize her love for social media and design until she started her natural hair blog, Onyx Rose Online, in 2010. Initially, she started the blog to document her natural hair journey, but shortly thereafter, Vanessa realized how important it was to create fresh content to encourage thought-provoking discussions among Black women and to inspire women to embrace their natural beauty. As the creator and editor-in-chief of Onyx Rose Online, Vanessa quickly developed an interest in learning how to use social media as leverage for her blog. Vanessa's interest in learning effective social media strategies and design principles eventually evolved into a desire to help other individuals with their brands. One of Vanessa's goals for 2014 was to become a freelance communications and design specialist, and she did just that.

Although Vanessa constantly creates new goals to achieve, she owes her current success to not allowing failures to discourage her, discovering and asserting her own voice, constantly refining and perfecting her craft, and surrounding herself with positive energy and words of affirmation. She believes that if one is passionate enough about a goal, he or she will find the time and dedication to accomplish it-- regardless of obstacles that arise. She also encourages young professionals to embrace their unique traits, quirks, and abilities because these are invaluable things that make one stand out in his or her industry.

Vanessa is the owner of VW Design + Communications. She is committed to providing services for individuals and businesses to present themselves in a professional manner.Whether you need services pertaining to communication (e.g., writing, editing), social media management, or design, with Vanessa's simple, smart, and stellar approach to media communications, you are guaranteed quality and impressionable services that elevate your brand's professional presence. You know that your brand is amazing, and with Vanessa's expertise, everyone else will know, too! If you would like to work with Vanessa, visit her website at www.vanessarwilliams.com or email her at vanessa@vanessarwilliams.com.


Creme Of Nature | For Sisters Only | Washington, DC!!!

Hola Familia,

Join Creme Of Nature for the ultimate beauty experience at For Sisters Only!!! 

October 4, 2014
11 AM - 7 PM

Visit Creme Of Nature's booth to learn about Fall hair trends, top beauty tips, the latest hair colors, fun giveaways and great deals on Creme Of Nature products! A special appearance by DC's very own Marisol Correa from 1 PM - 5 PM. You don't want to miss this... T.I., Raheem Devaughn, Tamar Braxton, Boris Kodjoe, Tank & many more will be at FSO

See you all tomorrow... I can't wait!!! 


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