Marisol's Latest TV Commercial... Stay Tuned!!!

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Hola Familia,

It was a LONG day on set in #Baltimore the other day. I met a lot of awesome people and had a ton of fun!

I can't wait to share the deets AND the TV commercial when it airs on television... stay tuned!!! 



MLK Day | Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

I Have A Dream,

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. overlooking the crowd as he delivered his speech at the Lincoln Memorial.

Chulo & I as we attended the 'March OnWashington'. We got to meet one of the original marchers from 50 years ago. She was featured in and on the cover of 'The Day They Marched' book!

My parents alongside others in Washington, DC for 'MLK50'!

Happy MLK Day… because of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. WE CAN!!! 



#CurlsOnFleek & A BABY | WonderCurl.com!

I'm an aunt again! My sister Migdalia had her baby, numero 5... #PuertoRicansLoveBabies.

Hola Familia,

I've heard nothing but GREAT things about Wonder Curl and being a former product junkie... I finally got the itch and NEEDED to try this line!!! 

Wonder Curl
Curl Control Styling LotionButter Than Love Pudding

#WashAndGo #CurlsOnFLEEK #NoFilter #NoMakeup

simple wash & go on freshly washed hair... I made 4 sections, applied the Curl Control Styling Lotion to my hair while soaking-wet, raked and smoothed each section doing the praying hands technique. 

At night I made mini-pineapples and on day 2, I did my 5 day wash and go method. In addition, I applied a small amount of the Butter Than Love Pudding by rubbing it into my hands and applying to my hair (ends mainly) as a refresher. 

I can HONESTLY say that I LOVE Wonder Curl's products and wish I would've tried them out sooner... better late than never, right?! Ha, ha! 

CEO: Scarlett of Wonder Curl

That being said, I HIGHLY recommend Wonder Curl and I look forward to using more from the line as it is now a staple product in our household. Next up, the kids... I can't wait to see their results!!! 



Mama Red Lip | #MamaRedLip... TGIF!

IG: @iamnikkivenus

Hola Familia,

It's FRIDAY... here are the latest submissions of #MamaRedLip... XO!!!

IG: @ladeestaff

IG: @youcant_sit_with_us

IG: @vintagerosaree

IG: @anna_racquel

FB: Erika H.
IG: @knirvana_

IG: @susu_01

IG: @mamanaturalista

IG: @thebookofgenesis

Mama Red Lip does NOT exclude anyone... ladies, gentleman, little divas & MORE - you can share your pics too! All is love and I LOVE everyone!!!

"It's MORE than wearing a RED lip... it's about LOVING you for YOU even when others (including ourselves) think the opposite!!!" -Marisol

Submit pictures for #MamaRedLip by clicking - HERE



#EMPIRE | Wednesday Nights On #FOX... TUNE IN!

Hola Familia,

EMPIRE on FOX... just what the 'TV Doctor' ordered!  

I am HOOKED!!! I don't watch TV much BUT EMPIRE has brought me back to the television set and I am HERE for this! This show relates to EVERYONE... fame, power, money, family, race, sex, music, drama & so much MORE. 

A star-studded cast with Terrence Howard, Taraji P. Henson, Malik Yoba and Gabourey Sidibe; just to name a few - this is a show you do NOT want to miss. 

Wednesday nights at 9/8c on FOX are LOCKED IN. :)



JRINK Juicery... THE Place To Be In DC!

Hola Familia,

Whether you live or visit DC... JRINK Juicery is THE place to be. Their Jrink's are delicious but that is besides the point. They are healthy which is by far the most important ingredient!

"A healthy outside starts from the inside."
-Robert Urich



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